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A Hynek Classification of Close Encounter is usually an incident involving an object less than 500 feet from the witness.  The size of the object,  viewing conditions, or stereoscopic vision (depth perception)  may render the object in greater detail and still qualify the sighting as a Close Encounter even though the object may have been beyond 500'.  The incident depicted in the logo was encountered during an intense storm near Princeton, IN,  Aug. 1973.

Train Strikes Unknown Hovering Object
January 14, 2002
Paintsville, Kentucky

Fran Ridge:
January 14, 2002; Paintsville, Kentucky
2:47 AM. While working a coal train enroute from Russell Kentucky to Shelbiana Kentucky, a locomotive trailing unit and the first two cars were reportedly severely damaged as they struck an unknown floating or hovering object. The entire electrical systems on both locomotives "went haywire."   (NUFORC/MUFON 61825)

[There is no evidence of contact information being provided, therefore no investigation could be conducted by MUFON. There was no newspaper account, however this alone is not damning. There are some serious problems with this report. "We were lead off the property and told, due to national security, our silence on this matter would be appreciated. We were then put in a railroad vehicle and taken to Martin, Kentucky were (sic) we went through questioning again with railroad officials and were then drug tested." One of my biggest problems with this report is the alleged response time  by authorities. - Fran Ridge]

Detailed reports and documents
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reports/20020114paintsville_report2.htm (5/31/06 - The UFO Chjronicles/Robby Vaughn)
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