Dunellen, New Jersey, UFO
December 20, 1958

Letter from George Van Hecke to C.S.I.

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146 Harrison Avenue 
Westfield, New Jersey 
December 20, 1958 

Miss Isobel Davis, Secretary 
Civilian Saucer Intelligence 
67 Jane Street 
New York City, New York 

Dear Miss Davis: 

Shortly after midnight on December 19, 1958, two policemen, on duty, had a look at what appears to be a U.F.0. 

I checked both of these men out thoroughly with their friends, acquaintances and the Dunellen Chief of Police: Findings: Completely honest and without bias, also trustworthy. 

I was asked to look into their story by a reporter friend on the Plainfield Courier-News staff, and thought it might be a good report for your C.S.I. files.. 

I shall forward a Newark Star Ledger Clipping as soon as I get it from a friend. 


Patrolman Bernard Talada, of 215 Second Street, along with partner Leroy Arboreene, also of the Dunellen Police Department, while on routine tour of duty, saw what purports to be a typical U,F.O., of the glowing cigar shaped variety. 

On talking to Talada, he described it as follows. (Paraphrased): 

"As we cruised toward Bound Brook on Center Street, about 12:50 AM, I saw a cherry red glow in the sky and called my partner's attention to it thinking it was a fire. It moved toward us, going East to South, hesitating and then South to East again. We observed it for over 40-50 seconds, getting out of the car after driving a half a block, viewing it, and watching it maneuver. It finally swept the horizon and disappeared behind the mountain. It was lower than the cloud bank, and embossed upon the cloud bank (as a distant background to it.) It was 100 feet long, less in width, like a big cigar but without the sharp cigar ends, spherical not metallic as we know it. (He made clear it was not a reflection but a clearly defined light or glow)." 

At 4:30 PM, Saturday, December 20, 1958, I talked to his partner Mr. Leroy Arboreene. This is his statement (paraphrased). 

"We were cruising near a wooded area in Dunellen, with my partner driving the car. It was after midnight. Suddenly he slammed on the brakes, and shouted LOOK! LOOK!. Through the windshield of the car, we saw a cherry red object five or six miles away heading towards us. We stopped the car and got out, and observed an object shaped like an eye, or pregnant cigar. The center appeared solid and emitted a solid red glow. The outside of perimeter was a duller red, undulated or pulsated. The object stopped and seemed to hover or hesitate over what would be Bound Brook. It turned left quite suddenly, and disappeared Northwest over the low range of the Watchung. Mountains. Its speed was incredible, those last few seconds. 

As far as the dimensions, it was anywhere from 80 to 100 feet long, 40 feet high, and appeared to be planed rather than three dimensional. The night was clear, no clouds to speak of except in the far distance. We observed the craft or whatever it was for a period of from 35-45 seconds. We are definite and most certain that we did not see reflected light or other explainable phenomena. 

"We were misquoted in the Newark Star Ledger only in this respect, we did not say we saw a flying saucer, but merely that we saw something that was unusual, odd and eerie." 

I myself contacted a local astronomer in the Plainfield area and inquired about temperature inversion and natural weather phenomena, that these men might have seen. He could tell me of nothing of that nature, that might occur at this time of the year. 

I hope this report is self explanatory as far as it goes. I will send a clipping as soon as I get it. 

                                                      Respectfully yours, 

                                                      George Van Hecke 


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