Conclusion UFOs Are Space Ships
Given SAC in  1952

A 1952 evaluation of "flying saucers" as interplanetary devices, sent to Strategic Air Command Headquarters from MacDill AFB, has been disclosed to NICAP by former information Specialist Don Widener, one of the AF men concurring in this opinion.

The spaceship conclusion was based on numerous AF sighting reports, especially those in the MacDill area. It was drawn up by the MacDill UFO project officer, an AF intelligence captain with whom Widener served. As a member of the project, Widener had access to official AF sighting reports, some of which have never been released.

"Captain ---------- and I drafted a report to SAC Headquarters," Widener has told NICAP. "It stated that in our opinion the unknown objects were of extraterrestrial origin. I imagine that his report is still gathering dust!" (The preceding UFO Investigator  listed one case evaluated by the MacDill project, "hidden" sighting recently given NICAP by Widener. It described the MacDill radar tracking of a UFO at 40,OOO feet and visual reports by a B-29 bomber crew ordered to chase it. The UFO, a glowing oval-shaped device, reversed course and raced off. The sighting was never explained.

UFO Investigator
Volume II, No. 1, July-August 1961


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