Flying Saucers Are Real

by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe

This is a German translation of this great book done by Brigitte Wilcke and Sandra Poeckh.

A little background on the translators:

Brigitte Wilcke, born 1946 in Hamburg/Germany, with a university degree in philosophy and interested in astronomy, anthropology, politics, and psychology, began intense reading of American authors like Donald E. Keyhoe, Edward Ruppelt, David Saunders, J. Allen Hynek and others since 2001 after stumbling on Keyhoe s book of 1953 by chance. In Germany, most people are skeptical of UFOs in terms of belief , i.e. disbelief, and there are only very few small UFO organizations since the late 1970s, and the most important UFO books have never been published. If you go to a bookshop, you have to look for the section religion and further magic to find (only one or two) UFO books! As English has been Brigitte's hobby nearly all her life, she decided to translate one or two of the American UFO books to make them known to the German public. - Sandra Poeckh, born 1950, an American, resident in Frankfurt am Main since 1974, assistant to the head of language services at one of Germany's biggest banks, a long-time friend of Brigitte, and perfect in English and German, agreed to review Brigitte's translations.

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