One Touch Of Venus: Pilots Chase ‘Disk’ (Or Planet)

But They Fail To Catch ‘Saucer’ Seen At Knox


Source: Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal            January 9, 1948  (page unknown)


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A bright and shiny object lured three Kentucky Guard Reserve pilots high in the sky yesterday.

The chase started when a glistening object was sighted in the southwest sky. It was easily visible at Fort Knox. Officers at the post radioed to three planes flying overhead to see if they could catch the object which they thought might be one of the flying disks reported seen last year.


Focused On Venus.


            But when Dr. Walter Lee Moore, University of Louisville astronomer, focused his telescope by measurements given him by Godman Field officers it was trained straight on the planet Venus.

            Dr. Moore said Venus was near the sun at this time and added that “very exceptional atmospheric conditions” could have made it visible to the naked eye during the day.

            “If they chased Venus in airplanes,” said Dr. Moore, “they certainly had a long way to go.”

            The disk first was reported visible about 2 p.m. by Col. Guy F. Hix, commander of Godman Field, who said he watched it for about 2 hours from the airport’s observation tower.


Looked ‘Like Umbrella.’


            “It was to the south and near the sun,” he said, “very white and looking like an umbrella.”

            Colonel Hix said he radioed the three planes, which had come from Louisville and were circling overhead, to go after the object.

            “About 20 minutes later they radioed back and were 20,000 feet high and the saucer was still above them. The pilots said the saucer was too high and going too fast for them to catch.”

            The colonel added the pilots reported the saucer was traveling west at about 180 miles per hour. But, the colonel said, from the observation tower it appeared motionless.


Says It Didn’t Move.


            Colonel Hix said he and his executive officer, Lt. Col. Garrison Wood, and other officers carefully watched the disk through 8-power binoculars, sighting along an upright.

            “I thought it was a celestial body,” he said, “but I can’t account for the fact it didn’t move. I just don’t know what it was.”

            Meanwhile Fort Knox authorities were receiving telephone calls from persons in near-by towns who also reported seeing the saucer and asking what it was all about.

            And State Highway patrol headquarters at Elizabethtown were receiving reports from cruisers, whose occupants told of seeing the object.


Seen At Madisonville, Too.


            Sgt. John T. Worful, Elizabethtown, said a cruiser had radioed from Madisonville that a saucer had been seen there.

            “It was reported to look like an ice-cream cone with a little fire at the bottom,” Worful said. “It appeared to be about 45 feet across the top and 100 feet long through a small telescope,” he said.

            “Several officers were watching for it,” said Worful. “We’ve got orders to watch out for those thing and report them to Patterson Field, Ohio, and Godman Field.”



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