Official UFO Documents

Updated: 8 March 2018
AFOSI Summary of Sightings of Unknown Phenomenon (LaPaz Catalog of Raw Data)
Hearings Before the House Committee on Science & Astronautics (1968)
The CIA's UFO History (CUFOS, Mark Rodeghier)
CIA UFO History (Jan Aldrich)
CIA Role in study of UFOs, 1947-1990 (Gerald K. Haines)
CIA Documents - Un-official site - CIA doc sampler group one (CUFON)
CIA Documents - Un-official site - CIA doc sampler group two (CUFON)
FBI Documents - Official UFO web site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
NSA Documents - Official UFO web site of the National Security Agency
NSA Lawsuit - Frederick M. Olsen vs. NSA
NMCC Documents Asst. 1, NICAP copy of orig. file
Department of Defense Document asst. #2, actual lnk to DOD UFO-Related Documents
Index "A" to Canadian UFO X-Files

Psychological Analysis of Reports of UFOs - Aero Medical Lab, April 26, 1949 (Paul Fitts)
The Brookings Report - NASA (Dec. 14, 1960)
Air Intelligence Digest article, Aug. 1952 (Captain Edward J. Ruppet)
Air Force Chapter - Chapter III, UFOs (Dept. of Physics, 1968-1970)
Air Force Thesis - The UFO Problem: Time For Reassessment (June 1968, AF Staff College)
Air Force Thesis - UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life (June 1968, Air & Staff College)
NSA Document - UFO Hypothesis & Survival Questions (1968)
CRS Report: The UFO Enigma 83-205 SPR - Marcia S. Smith (June 10, 1983)
The RAND Document "UFOs: What To Do?" (Nov. 1968)

Gen. Schulgen Memo - Secret - Oct. 28, 1947
Top Secret Estimate of the Situation - 1948
Project SIGN  - Feb. 1949
"Project Saucer": Memorandum to the Press, April 1949
Project GRUDGE  - Aug. 1949
100-203-79 - April 28, 1949, Top Secret "Evaluation of Flying Object Incidents
Project TWINKLE - Nov. 27, 1951
4602 AISS - Samplers of AISS material (3/1/52 to 1/13/53 (CUFON)
How to Make FLYOBRPTS - Restricted AF Document - July 25, 1953 (CUFON)Blue Book UFO Reports by Ships at Sea - A.F. Rull(pdf file, 820 Kbs)
Chop Clearance Letters - Reports cleared by the Air Force Press Desk for Keyhoe
JANAP 146 (Issued and tabled)
JANAP 146(A) - Sept. 25, 1950, Joint Army Navy Air Publication 146, Start of CIRVIS
JANAP 146(B) - Sept. 2, 1951  (Not available)
Project Blue Book Special Reports 1-12
Project Blue Book Special Report 13 (Brad Sparks)
Project Blue Book Special Report 14146hist.htm