Detailed Back-Up

Date __________________________________

The report of a claimed event (UFO sighting and/or abduction),

witnessed by ________________ on _______________ is attached. The current case record is considered complete. Included in this report are the following checked items:

(   )   SIGHTING BACKGROUND. A description of the circumstances surrounding the receipt of the initial UFO sighting information or abduction report. Simply attach copy of initial report form or message slip

(   )   SIGHTING ACCOUNT. Form 1, General Cases (or signed statement), should include witness notes or brief chronological composite or consolidation of the UFO sighting account. Other Forms needed depending on the type of report attached and noted on the Initial Form/Material Check List.

(   )   SIGHTING INVESTIGATION. Activity Log. Simple chronological log by date, time, and place denoting the tasks the FI carried out during the investigation. (Actually, part of the FI Notes).

(   )   INTERVIEW AND INTERROGATION. FI Notes. A description of the interview and interrogation. This should include where and how the interview took place (mail, telephone, or onsite).

(   )   ADDITIONAL WITNESS CHECK. FI Notes. The circumstances surrounding how, when, and where additional witnesses were located and any subsequent interviews and interrogations including the FI's personal impressions of these witnesses and their home environment, interests, etc.

(   )   SOURCE TESTS. A list of what natural or man-made objects were checked in an effort to identify the stimulus for the reported UFO is attached to this report. The reasons for rejecting or suspecting each, as being the stimulus should be clearly noted.

(   )   WITNESS BACKGROUND CHECK. FI Notes. A list of the persons checked, their comments about the witness's character and their relationship to the witness. This section should include the FI's impressions of the witness personality, credibility, etc.

OTHER DATA NEEDED. Includes other forms, drawings, as needed for special evidence.
(   )   Forms _________________
(   )   Drawings ______________
(   )   Other _________________