Project SIGN

The Project SIGN Group

(Secret) Twining Letter - "The reported phenomena are real."
23 April 1948 Project SIGN Quarterly Report #1 as required by Gen Craigie
Early Top Secret UFO Document Discovered - Jan Aldrich
McCoy statement in 1966 (transcript and audio file by NICAP)
Alfred Loedding and the Great Flying Saucer Wave of 1947 (Wendy Connors & Mike Hall)
Project SIGN & the EOTS - Michael Swords
Gen. Schulgen Memo - Secret - Oct. 28, 1947
Preliminary Sign Report (April 23,1948)
(SECRET) Project SIGN Report (Feb 1949)
100-203-79 - April 28, 1949, Top Secret "Evaluation of Flying Object Incidents
SIGN Group - NICAP Site
Project SIGN Historical Group - Project 1947

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