UFO Sightings
Research by Category

On the NICAP site, sightings of UFOs have been categorized by type of evidence. Below, the left column is the link to the specific category page where information and sources are filed. The right column, besides describing each category briefly, has links to the sightings themselves as listed in the NICAP Sighting Information Database (NSID).

Category 01Distant Encounters: Daylight Discs & Nocturnal Lights 
Category 02Close Encounters: Objects within 500 feet of the witness
Category 03E-M (Electro-Magnetic) Cases 
Category 04Animal Effects Cases 
Category 05Psychological/Physiological Cases
Category 06Physical Evidence - Trace Cases
Category 07Entity Cases Humanoid Reports, CE-III Reports
Category 08Photographic Evidence, Stills, Motion Pictures & Videos
Category 09Radar Cases 
Category 10Radiation & Nuclear Connection Cases 
Category 11Sightings From Aircraft


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