TI-Series (Training Information Series)
Although NICAP sponsors this page, information is generic and is for information only

TI-01 - Tax Deductions (MUFON)
TI-02 - Field Investigation
TI-03 - Source Tests & Evaluation
TI-04 - Recommended Reading (CUFOS)
TI-05 - Case Submittal Checklist
TI-06 - Fact Sheet
TI-07 - PLL - Prescribed Load List (FI Kit)
TI-08 - Forms & Drawings
TI-09 - Media Policy Guidelines
TI-10 - Frequently Asked Questions (CUFOS)
TI-11  - Related Phenomena (CUFOS)
TI-12 - Camcorders & UFOs
TI-13  - UFO Abductions (CUFOS)
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