Date & Location
July 4, 1947
Portland, Ore.
Ptn. Kenneth A. McDowell
5 discs, up & down oscillation


July 7, 1947
Tacoma, Wash.
Ptn. Evan Davis & Stan
3 spinning objects, sparks emitted, attracted back;
hovered, changed directions.


Jan. 7, 1948
State Police
Huge round UFO reported to Godman AFB, Capt.
Mantell case.  [See Section V]
July 28, 1952


Shelby Co., Ind.


State Policemen Charles
Longstreet & Norman


Star-like UFO “moved up and down, and back and forth,
and at times it would hover.”




Aug. 28, 1952


Atlanta, Ga.


Six officers including Ptn.
M.J. Spears and A.L.


UFO changing color, “every so often it would sprout a
red flamed trail, then it would move up and down…it

turned a flip a couple of times.”



Sept. 22, 1952


Fairfax Co., Va.


Police Pvt’s. Douglas Dunn,
Julian Burke, Martin

Eherill, and Sgt. Wall


1-4 glowing objects circled and maneuvered over area.
Dunn saw 3-4 at one time:  “Looked like a white ball of

fire coming through the clouds … they would come and

go … it was like tag.”  Burke:  “one would pop out here, another there … Weird … weird indeed.”



Sept. 11-13,


Chiloquin, Ore.


Police Chief Lew Jones


Top-like UFOs, seen by many citizens over three nights, sighted once by Chief Jones.  Watched through binoculars, appeared top-shaped with body lights.


Nov. 2, 1955


Williston, Fla


Deputy Sheriff A.H.
Perkins, Ptn. C.F. Bell


Perkins twice witnessed UFOs seen by over a dozen
area residents.  Bell saw 6 oval-shaped UFOs moving

in spurts, felt stinging heat.



Nov. 24-25,


So. Dakota


Sheriff Glen Best, State
Policeman C.D. Erickson


Widespread sightings, rumors of radar contacts by
Ellsworth AFB pilots; near Rapid City officers chased

a UFO which had steady green light, flashing red light.

UFO occasionally beamed a white light upwards.



Nov. 2, 1957
Levelland, Tex.
Sheriff Weir Clem,
Deputy Pat McCullough
Bright red elliptical UFO, also seen by many others.
[See Section XII; Nov, 1957 Chronology]
Nov. 4, 1957


Elmwood Park,


Officers Joseph Lukasek,
Clifford Schau, and

Daniel DeGiovanni

Round, reddish object hovered over cemetery, moved
away when pursued by police.




Nov 6, 1957
nr. Danville,
State Policeman Calvin
Showers, John Matulis
Brilliant white light, changing to amber and orange,
viewed 20 minutes; cruiser radio failed.


Nov. 10, 1957


Hammond, Ind.


Capt. Dennis Becky,
Officers Charles Moore,

Clarles Mauder, and

Steve Betustak

Elongated object with one red, one white, body light;
interference on police radio.  Object eluded pursuing





(Many other police reports during November 1957)
April 9, 1958


Newport Beach,


Ptn. R. Gordon


Two flat objects with rows of six flashing lights on
leading edge of each, low above ocean with light reflect

ing in water; maneuvered, made sharp turns.



Aug. 24, 1958
Westwood, N.J.
Ptn. Richard Schuiz and
Richard McCabe
Glowing orange circular UFO hovered, moved E
rapidly disappearing in seconds.


Oct. 12, 1958
Aurora, Ill.
Ptn. William Hornyan and
Jack Adams
Several yellow objects moving in all directions; many


April 3, 1959


Ocoee, Fla.


John F. Wilmeth, retired
U.S. Treasury enforcement

officer, former Coast

Guard Lieut.

Large greenish-yellow light ascending, reflecting on
lake; faded, re-appeared descending, hovered . . .

finally ascended out of sight.




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