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April 18, 1962, National Air Defense Alert
From New York to Las Vegas
- A Ten-State Incident 

Updated: 8 Oct. 2006

The Air Defense Command was alerted after the object was tracked by NORAD and ground witnesses as it traveled for 32-minutes from Oneida, New York across the midwest, through Kansas & Colorado, Utah, and the disapeared from Nellis AFB radar at 10,000 feet. Jets had been scrambled from two locations. Power outages were reported and the object made a turned toward the east and landed. There is quite a bit of information from numerous sources concerning this major incident, including Project Blue Book documents, and now possible confirmation by a radar man at ATIC. The case is also NOT explained in a BB monthly sighting listing for April 1962.

It is very interesting that every one of these states except Utah, has or was in the process of obtaining ICBM Bases: New York, Plattsburg AFB;  Kansas, Forbes AFB, McConnell AFB; Utah, Minuteman production at Air Force Plant 77 at Hill AFB; Idaho, Mountain Home AFB; Montana, Malmstrom AFB; New Mexico, Walker AFB; Wyoming, F. E. Warren AFB; Arizona, Davis Monthan AFB; California, Beale AFB.

On the very same day as the incident, the first Titan-I wing became operational at Lowry AFB (in Colorado). The Titan-I carried a 4 Megaton warhead. The Titan-I was deployed in 6 squadrons of 9 missiles each at Lowry (2 squadrons), Beale AFB (CA), Mountain Home AFB (ID), Ellsworth AFB (SD), and Larson AFB (WA). Titan I's stayed in service until 1966.

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