Glossary of Acronyms

A2 -  Air Force Intelligence

ADC -  Aerospace Defense Command
ADLA -  Assistant Director For Legal And Legislative Affairs (NSA)
ADPL -  Assistant Director For Policy And Liaison (NSA)
ADPR -  Assistant Director For Plans/Resources (NSA)
ADT -  Assistant Director For Training
ADVA -  Advanced Soviet-(One of the 4 major operational divisions of the NSA's production organization; combined with GENS into a group)
AEC - Atomic Energy Commission
AFB -  Air Force Base
AFESC -  Air Force Electronic Security Command
AFGWC -  Air Force Global Weather Control
AFIS -  Air Force Intelligence Service
AFM - Air Force Manual
AFOC -  Air Force Operations Center
AFOSI -  Air Force Office Of Special Invetigations (Headquarters - Bolling, AFB, Washington, D.C.)
AFR -  Air Force Regulation
AFSA -  Armed Forces Security Agency
AFASC -  Armed Forces Security Agency Council
AFSS -  Air Force Security Service
ALLO -  All Others-(One of the major operational divisions of NSA's production organization now known as G Group)
AMB - Ambassador
AMC - Air Materiel Command
ANCIB -  Army-Navy Communications Intelligence Board
ANNCICC -  Army-Navy Communications Intelligence Board Committee
ANG -  Air National Guard
APRA -  Advanced Research Projects Agency
AR - Army Regulation
ARC -  Ad Hoc Requirements Committee
ARDF -  Airborne Radio Direction-Finding
APRO - Aerial Phenomena Research Organization
ATC - Air Traffic Control
ARTC - Air Route Traffic Control
ARTCC - Air Route Traffic Control Center
ASA -  Army Security Agency
ASD -  Applied Science Division (CIA)
AST - Atlantic Standard Time
ATIC -  Air Technical Intelligence Center (Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton
BMW - Ballistic Missile Wing
BW - Bomb Wing
CAUS - Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
CFS - Canadian Forces Station
CGS - Coast Guard Station
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
CIC - Counter-Intelligence Corps
CIC - Combat Information Center
CINCINORAD - Commander-in-Chief, NORAD
CINCPAC - Command in Chief, Pacific
CO - Commanding Officer
COMINT - Communications Intelligence (NSA)
CP - Command Post
CSC - Central Security Control (Air Force)
CZ - Control Zone
CUFOS - Center for UFO Studies
DATT - Defense Attaché (U.S. Embassy)
DCD - Domestic Collections Division (CIA)
DCSOPS - Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (Air Force)
DDO - Deputy Director for Operations (Air Force)
DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency
DMZ - Demilitarized Zone (Vietnam)
DO - Duty Officer
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
FEMA -  Federal Emergency Management Agency
FISA -  Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
FUFOR - Fund for UFO Research
GCI - Ground Control Intercept
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GSW - Ground Saucer Watch
INYSA - Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, USAF (Science and Technology Branch, Directorate of Response Management)
INZ - Aerospace Intelligence Division (AFIS)
INZA - Editing, Debriefing, and Continuity Branch (AFIS)
JACL - Judge Advocate General, Litigation Division (Air Force)
JANAP - Joint Army Navy Air Force Publication
JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff
JTIDS - Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
KISR - Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
KM - Kilometer
LCF - Launch Control Facility (Air Force)
LEO - Low Earth Orbit
MUFON - Mutual UFO Network, Inc.
NAVPIC - Naval Photo Interpretation Center
NAVSPASUR - Naval Space Surveillance System
NCOC - National Combat Operations Center
NEPA - Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft
NICAP - National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena
NM - Nautical Mile
NMCC - National Military Command Center
NORAD - North American Aerospace Defense Command
NPIC - National Photographic Interpretation Center
NRL - Naval Research Laboratory
NSA - National Security Agency
NSF - National Science Foundation
OAM - Operation Animal Mutilation
ONI - Office of Naval Intelligence
OSI - Office of Special Investigations (Air Force)
OSI - Office of Scientific Investigation (CIA)
PACAF - Pacific Air Forces

RAPCOM - Radar Approach Communications
RAPCON - Radar Approach Control
SA - Special Agent
SAC - Special Agent in Charge (FBI)
SAC - Strategic Air Command
SAC/HO - Strategic Air Command Office of History
SAFOI - Secretary of the Air Force Office of Information
SAO - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
SAT - Security (or Sabatage?) Alert Team
SBI -  Special Background Investigation
SIGINT - Signals Intelligence (NSA)
SIGLEX -  Special Interest Group On Lexicography
SIGTRAN -  Special Interest Group On Translation
SIGVOICE -  Special Interest Group On Voice
SIOP - Single Integrated Operations Plan (U S nuclear war plan)
SIPG -  Special Intercept Priorities Group
SIS -  Signal Intelligence Service
S/L - Squadron Leader
SOLIS -  SIGNET Acronym On Line Intelligence System
SPADATS - Space Detection and Tracking System (NORAD)
SPS - Security Police Squadron
SSA -  Signal Security Agency
SSB - Soft Support Building (Air Force)
TCA - Terminal Control Area
TCU - Terminal Control Unit
TIA -  Temperature Inversion Analysis
UGM -  Unusual Ground Markings
USAF -  United States Air Force
USG - United States Government
W/C - Wing Commander
Z  - Zulu  (Universal Time)


AD-Ottawa - Air Desk
ASI - Air Speed Indicator
CAF - Canadian Air Force
CANFORCHED - Canadian Forces Headquarters
CANMARCOM - Canadian Maritime Command
CAS - Chief of Air Staff (RCAF)
CCG - Canadian Coast Guard
CERVIS - Communication of Emergency Report of Vital Intelligence Sighting
CFAO - Canadian Forces Air Order
CFB - Canadian Forces Base
CFS - Canadian Forces Station
CGC - Coast Guard Cutter
CNAS - Canadian Naval Air Station
DAI - Department of Air Intelligence (Canada)
DAI - Director of Air Intelligence
DAO - Director Air Operations
DATT -  Defense Attache (U.S. Embassy)
DCD -  Domestic Collections Division (CIA)
DCSOPS -  Deputy Chief Of Staff For Operations And Plans (Air Force)
DDO -  Deputy Director For Operations (Air Force)
DIA - Directorate of Intelligence Air Force (RCAF)
DMI - Director of Military Intelligence
DND - Department of National Defence
DNI - Department of Naval Intelligence
DO - Directorate of Operations
DO -  Duty Officer
DoT - Department of Transport (now Transport Canada)
DRB - Defence Research Board
DSI - Director of Scientific Intelligence
DS8 -  Defense Secretariat 8
ELINT- Electronic Intelligence
ELMINT -  Electro-Magnetic Intelligence (Code Empire, Code Eva)
F/L - Flight Lieutenant
G2 -  Army Intelligence
GAO -  Government Accounting Office
GC - Group Commander
GCA - Ground Control Approach (using radar)
GCCS -  Government Code And Cypher School
GCHQ -  Government Communications Headquarters
GCI -  Ground Control Intercept
GG -  Government Grade-(Instead of using GS1 to GS 18 - only for Govern-
           ment employees, such as NSA employees)
HFDF -  High Frequency Direction Finding
HMCS - Her Majestys Canadian Ship [Canadian Navy]
HUAC -  House Un-American Activities Committee
HUMINT -  Human Intelligence

ICI -  Interagency Committee On Intelligence
IDA-CRD -  Institute For Defense Analysis - Communications Research Division
IDP -  Intercept Deployment Plan
IEC -  Intelligence Evaluation Committee
INSCOM -  U.S. Army Intelligence And Security Command
INTELPOST-  International Electronic Post
INTELSTAT-  International Telecommunications Satellite
INYSA -  Assistant Chief Of Staff Intelligence , USAF (Science and Technolo-
                gy branch, directorate of response management)
INZ -  Aerospace Intelligence Division (AFIS)
INZA -  Editing, Debriefing, And Continuity Branch (AFIS)
IPB -  Intercept Priorities Board
IRIS -  Infared Intruder System
JAGL -  Judge Advocate General, Litigation Division
JANAP -  Joint Army Navy Air Force Publication
JCS -  Joint Cheifs Of Staff
JIC - Joint Intelligence Committee
JOSAF -  Joint Operations Support Activity (Frankfurt, Germany)
JPL -  Jet Propulsion Laboratories
JRC -  Joint Reconnaissance Center
JSPC -  Joint Sobe Processing Center
JTLS -  Joint Technical Language Service
LASP -  Low Altitute Surveillance Platform
LCF -  Launch Control Facility
LOB -  Raymond E. Linn Operations Building
LP  MEDLEY-  CIA Cryptonym (for an operation in support of the NSA)
LRTS -  Long Range Technical
MS -  NSA Office Of Security
MAJI -  Major Agency For Joint Intelligence
MI-8 -  Military Intelligence Section 8(codes and cyphers search)
MID -  Military Intelligence Division
MPRO -  Machine Processing Section of NSA's Production

NASA -  National Aeronautics And Space Administration
NATO -  North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVSPASUR-  Naval Space Surveillance System
NCOC -  National Combat Operations Center
NEPA -  Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft
NM -  Nautical Mile
NMCC -  Natinal Military Command Center
NORAD -  North American Aerospace Defense Command
NPIC -  National Photographic Interpretation Center
NRC - National Research Council
NRL -  Naval Research Laboratory
NRO -  National Reconnaissance Office
NSA -  National Security Agency (Fort Meade, Maryland)
NSF -  National Science Foundation
ONI -  Office Of Naval Intelligence
OSI(1) -  Office Of Special Investigations (Air Force)
OSI(2) -  Office Of Special Investigations (CIA)
OSS(1) -  Office of Strategic Services
OSS(2) -  Office Of Space Science
RAF -  Royal Air Force Of Great Britain
RAPCOM -  Radar Approach Communications
RAPCON -  Radar Approach Control
RCAF - Royal Canadian Air Force
RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCC - Rescue Coordination Center

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