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If we are to get even close to solving the UAP riddle we must try some new ideas. That was the contention in 1970 when I created the MADAR Project.  MADAR stands for Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automated Recording. With numerous successes over a period of 50 years with one such detection station, and evidence from over 500 E-M cases (144 involving compass deviations), one thing is certain: these craft can be detected and an early warning system will work and scientific data collection by civilians will prevail over a century of lies and cover-ups by world governments. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The MADAR Project has 93 MADAR sites or "nodes" as they are called, located in the United States and several foreign countries. It is hoped that by end of this year there will be 100 such sites betraying the presence of UAPs. With the new Command Center located at Newburgh, Indiana, even the older MADAR-II system has been re-established. The MADAR Project is continuously delving into the unknown with the latest in technology.  Learn all about the beginnings of the project by clicking on MADAR-I above.  Using new electronic and computer technology, in 2014 MADAR-II began a new exciting phase in the study.  And in 2016 the ground work for an even better and cheaper system began which has taken the Project world-wide.  After over two years of research and development, by April of 2018 the new system became operational and began making UFO history. 

The MADAR Project, with a half century of work in the UAP anomaly detection area, and thousands of dollars invested over the years, has produced numerous ideas that developed as technology improved:  MADAR (1970-1992) was the first detection and recording system for anomalies in the geomagnetic field and background radiation. MADAR-II (2014-2016) added a fluxgate magnetometer for anomalies in the local E-M field, a mode control panel, two computers, four surveillance cameras, five monitors, a quad video multiplexer, a surveillance camera recorder,  a geiger counter also connected to Mineral Labs Radiation Network's live Map, and three data recorders covering five channels, all data time-stamped with the Universal Time Code. In April of 2016 a new idea was conceived to create a network of affordable devices. After a costly false start in the fall, by early 2017, longtime MADAR member Rich Vitello and his ARUFON Team jumped in to rescue the project with their hardware and software expertise. By April of 2018 the MADAR-III DataProbe system was operational. With the support of over 50 members, all this time the MADAR Project has had only one detection station. Until now! Now anyone can be a part of a world-wide network!

MADAR-III's DataProbe device uses the newest breakthrough technology that provides a basic unit that doesn't require any of the things mentioned above to work. The special software took over two years to create and the DataProbe has additional capabilities, but even more will soon be added in the future for those that want to participate at higher levels. But a detection and alerting system via email, I-Pad and/or computer is all most serious ufologists will ever want or need. This small device with patented hardware is a powerful tool with an onboard 1.2 GHz computer and 16 gigabyte hard drive, a sending unit connected to a vast world-wide system of such units in the MADAR Network with dedicated servers running 24/7. Setup is easy and the device can be ready to operate in minutes. The unit is connected to the router/ internet via an Ethernet cable.

The sensor looks at the data background levels at 15x's per second but records data on a spreadsheet every 60 seconds. When the device detects an anomaly, the software algorithm puts the MADAR DataProbe into alert mode. The device, begins sending data much faster, beginning with the line called alertStart which logs data at once per second during an event plus an additional three minutes.

The operator of the device anywhere in the world is alerted according to his/her privacy settings in the MADAR Control System.  All operators are alerted via email that provide a hard copy of the event, but the "B" model has a relay switch that can activate other equipment, in particular, an audio alarm system. Data transmitted to the dedicated server and recorded by the device gives the Node Number, changes in compass heading, geomagnetic field reading in milligaus, the threshold setting, and the barometric pressure - all date/time-stamped in UTC.  Data is stored on the server, and by comparing readings prior to and after, one can establish the magnitude and duration of an event.

If you wish to monitor what is going on (on a map of the United States for example) you can use any computer or laptop or Iphone to check in on your device, and zoom in on ANY OTHER DEVICE NEAR YOU.  And just like any other professional surveillance company, the MADAR Operations Center is monitoring and storing data at several of its dedicated servers.  The live screen MADAR Display (or Map) shows device locations all over the U.S. and other parts of the world. When a device goes into alert status the light blue node dot icon turns red and the pc begins to "beep" every 60 seconds.

To read special papers and training information series reports about MADAR, go to our file folder at

At least three types of devices are designated as:
A base-operated Ethernet-connected MADAR-III DataProbe tied into the MADAR Network. Software updates are free. The plan is to have as many devices as possible all over the world, especially at key sighting areas such as sighting "hotspots" or locations near missile sites. The B Model is now currently the new updated version with our own new sensor board (I-board) which has a more sensitive magnetometer, an LSDS (Legal Shutdown Switch), and a switching relay. The latter can be used with an Adafruit Power Relay to operate additional equipment, including data recorders, alert siren or beepers, etc. 

This device will be designed to operate in the field using a battery pack and solar cells, and will be able to operate in areas where there is no power source or Ethernet. In order to be qualified as an official field device it must meet four requirements:
1) The device must be completely portable. 2) The device must be able to operate in the field for a minimum of 7 days. 3) Data must be capable of being stored on the hard drive and transmitted to the server when an internet connection with the server is established. 4) Device must have proximity indicators: a system of alarm switches and LEDs and an override test switch.  R&D is in progress and a price not yet established.

This is a licensed base unit that has requirements less than a field unit and which is simply rigged to operate in more than one location, with or without special power sources. The device may operate at or near the location of a basic unit but at times located at rapid response areas or SKYWATCHES. The Map registration dot is not displayed at U.S. coords.

Persons setting up any of these small base stations or moving field units should try to get others nearby to put in their own devices in order to have a local SKYNET for a Rapid Response Team, equipped with handheld equipment, still and video cameras, binoculars, strobe lights, audio recorders, K-II meters, etc.

In April of 2018 the MADAR Director was able to establish a method to reduce the workload to have sighting data available to state MADAR operators. Previous MADAR used a personal database in the local area to spot correlations. The current plan uses the National UFO Reporting Center at Seattle, Washington to input basic MADAR alert data. And since NUFORC deals with more "raw" reports it becomes important to improve or enrich the database with selected cases from the MUFON Case Management files.

All current and future issues of the device will be the "B Model" (which includes a one-time registration fee) for $240.00, and includes Priority Mail shipping. The upgraded version includes the new sensor board and the ADT switch (the latter does not have to be used). Use the handy PayPal order page below. Foreign orders require an additional $20 so be sure to add that amount in your submittal.
MADAR Order Page

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