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Updated 9 May 2021

It has been quite a while since we have updated this page. A lot has happened in those 18 months, one of which was COVID-19's effect on madar and many working at home. 2020 was an important year and we encountered several milestones.  But first, breaking news!

Today I am announcing what could be a major update to the  system. I say "could be" because we don't know what we may find in the new data as a result of the addition of an accelerometer. This sensor was built into our I-Board, along with the magnetometer and the sensor for barometric pressure, from day one. Those who originally bought MADAR devices never had to spend another dollar to get this feature. Even those who had the original "H" or "Q" chip were upgraded to the new board in 2019. Our Tech Support, and in particular, Eric Bendle, had been working on the software upgrade for months. By Saturday, the software had been tested for a week on our dev server with no issues, and I1.34RBU was uploaded to the production server. Where we had the barometric pressure readings on column 7 of our data spread sheet we now have "Accel/Pressure". When the device is not moving, it should read around 1.00 due to gravity pulling on it.  Anything outside of around 0.02 (m/s^2, Bendle believes) means that something is moving the device or affecting the accelerometer. This may turn out to be a valuable asset. We may have some surprises when we log the next madar/visual.  

Also, the original plans in 2016, and the white paper presented to TS in early 2017, was to have alerts sent to cell phones so that the operator could be notified of his alert anywhere in the world. There were problems with this idea, mostly due to cell phone service providers, that made it less successful than planned, and although it worked for some, the alerts didn't provide a real "early warning system". But when we were doing a review for potential correlations in 2019, two major sightings correlations were discovered that had successful cell phone alerts. In the last few months TS Eric Calkins worked very hard and long and now we have an acceptable SMS system (Short Message Service).

Although we have had an alert feature attached to the MADAR Display (Map) for a long time, the idea to use it during skywatches prompted me to have Eric Calkins change the "Sound on" box selection from a beep every 60 seconds to 3 "red alert" sweeps every 30 seconds. 

I had Eric Calkins create an online form called MADAR Alert Search. This has certainly helped Jeramy and I find correlations, and in a totally different way than looking for sightings at NUFORC and MUFON CMS matching certified hits. When finding impressive sightings while doing our research we convert the dates to UTC and plug them into the MAS form, and if there are any madar hits in the system, we check them out. This has paid off several times. Sometimes the sightings did not trigger the madar but field numbers or compass heading changes showed noticeable perturbations.

* As of today we have 139 madar dataprobes in the field with 111 running and 28 (Not OnLine) in various stages.  I have made a special effort in the last week to get at least half of the NOLs online.
* Our first UFO "signature" was documented in April of 2020 and it was also our first madar/visual.
* Last July I selected Jeramy Haslam to conduct a major review of the data for 2018-to-date.
* We recently completed our report on 2020. There are 15 potential correlations listed in that report.
* 2018 and 2019 are still in review, but 2019 had two good correlations.

I said it two years ago, as we were represented at the Phoenix conference, if we are to get even close to solving the UAP riddle we must try some new ideas. That was the contention in 1970 when I created the MADAR Project.  MADAR stands for Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automated Recording. With numerous successes over a period of 50 years with one such detection station, and evidence from over 500 E-M cases (144 involving compass deviations), one thing is certain: these craft can be detected and an early warning system will work and scientific data collection by civilians will prevail over a century of lies and cover-ups by world governments. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The MADAR Project is continuously delving into the unknown with the latest in technology.  Learn all about the beginnings of the project by clicking on MADAR-I above.  Using new electronic and computer technology, in 2014 MADAR-II began a new exciting phase in the study, but it was still only one detection site.  And in 2016 the ground work for an even better and cheaper system began which has taken the Project world-wide.  After over two years of research and development, by April of 2018 the new system became operational and began making UFO history. 

Francis L. Ridge
5847 River Walk Circle
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(812) 490-0094