Official Comments, Articles, Books

Conclusion UFOs Are Space Ships Given SAC in 1952 (NICAP)
ETH & the Likelihood of Interstellar Travel (van Gemert)
Formulation, Falsification, & Some Predictions of the ETH (Brian Zeiler)
Flying Saucers Fact or Fiction (Max Miller)
Getting to Level 2 (Mark Cashman)
History 101 - A Compilation of UFO Facts and Quotes
How UFOs Navigate The Vortac Beacon (Robert A. Goerman)
Instrumented Sensing, Recording & Documentation of Transient Phen. in UFO Events (Ray Stanford)
I Remember Blue Book (Jennie Zeidman)
Logical Trickery of the UFO Skeptics (Brian Zeiler)
Project Hessdalen Final Report - MSc.EE. (Erling Strand)
Report on the UFO Wave of 1947 (Ted Bloecher)
Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects (1968)
Underwater UFOs & - "Blue Book UFO Reports by Ships at Sea" (Tony Rullan)
Unidentified Flying Objects: An Historical Perspective (Earley)
What To Do With Sturrock (Durant)

Magazine Articles (not including authors below)
Have We Visitors From Space? (LIFE Magazine, 1952)
Somethings' Over The Capital Are Traced On Radar (Life Magazine, Aug. 4, 1952)
How Scientists Tracked A Flying Saucer (McLaughlin [True 1950][html version]   [pdf file, original version])
"U.F.O." Revisited - The Story Behind the Film (Robert Barrow)
What Our Air Force Found Out About UFO's [True Magazine] (Ruppelt)
Why I Believe In Flying Saucers (MacKinlay Kantor)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Sydney Shalett)  [pdf files]  Part 1  Part 2
Zeta Reticuli Incident (Dickinson)

Symposium On Unidentified Flying Objects
House of Representatives, Committee on Science & Astronautics (July 29, 1968)

Albert M. Chop
Letter Dated Nov. 27, 1957

Jerry Clark
Debunkers vs. The UFO Menace Part 1 - Jerry Clark
Debunkers vs. The UFO Menace Part 2 - Clark
Phillip Klass & the UFO Promoters - Clark

Wendy Connors & Michael Hall
Alfred Loedding & the Great Flying Saucer Wave of 1947
The Forgotten Correspondence of Edward J. Ruppelt (Mike Hall & Wendy Connors)

Stanton Friedman
UFOs: Challenge to SETI Specialists - Stanton Friedman
More On UFOs (Physics Today) - Stanton Friedman

Richard Haines
Review Of Selected Sightings From Aircraft From 1973-1978 (1979)
Review Of Selected Sightings From Aircraft From 1942-1952 (1983)
Fifty-Six Aircraft Pilot Sightings Involving E-M Effects (1992)
The UFO Phenomenon and Behavioral Scientist (1979)
Melbourne Episode - Case Study of a Missing Pilot (1987)

Richard Hall

Signals, Noise, UFO Waves [1990]
UFO Evidence (1964)
UFO Evidence II (1998)
Journal of UFO History
The Quest For The Truth About UFOs: A Personal Perspective On The Role Of NICAP
The Science of UFOs: Facts vs. Stereotypes
1967: The Overlooked UFO Wave And The Colorado Project
DYAD Scout Ship
Conceptualizing UFOs
UFOs: The Real Question (Colorado Briefing, 1966)
The Night The Alien Died
Whither UFOlogy?

Mike Hall & Wendy Connors
Alfred Loedding and the Great Flying Saucer Wave of 1947
The Forgotten Correspondence of Edward Ruppelt

Paul Hill
Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis [1995, 1997 Review by Puthoff] (Paul Hill)

J.Allen Hynek
Are Flying Saucers Real? (Dec. 17, 1966) - J. Allen Hynek
What Is The Responsibility Of The Scientist - 1966
The Condon Report & UFOs - 4/69
Twenty-One Years of UFO Reports - AIAA - 12/69
A New Start on the Whole Problem? - 11/73
The Emerging Picture of the UFO Problem - AIAA - 1/75
When Coins Land On Edge

Donald Keyhoe
Follow The Bouncing Ball (TRUE 1967)
I Know The Secret Of The Flying Saucers (TRUE, Jan 1966)
Someone's Watching Over Us  (TRUE, 1967)
What Radar Tells Us About Flying Saucers (True 1952)
Flying Saucers Are Real, TRUE ARTICLE (1950)
The Flying Saucers Are Real (free online book) [free online book] (1950)

Flying Saucers From Outer Space [free online book] (1953)

Bruce Maccabee:
On The Possibility That The McMinnville Photos Show A Distant UFO

James McCampbell
UFOLOGY (1977) - James McCampbell [free online book]
UFOs: More Engine Effects [Diesals Too] (MUJ, March 1985)
UFOs & Sound

James E. McDonald
Writings of Dr. James E. McDonald

Francis Ridge
Air Force Figures Tell Real Story: 88.79% Unexplained (Fran Ridge)
Roswell & The Wave 0f  '47 -  Too Many Coincidences (Fran Ridge)
The 1975 SAC Base Northern Tier Overflights (Fran Ridge)
A Puzzling Radar Incident (Fran Ridge)
Observational Evidence of the "Sorensen Effect", Domes, Etc. (Fran Ridge)
The Sighting Wave of 1967 - Indiana (Fran Ridge)
A Mock Congressional Hearing: The Ruppelt Record (Fran Ridge)
Engineers Praise Disc Performance (Fran Ridge)
The Case For Flying Saucers (Fran Ridge)
Regional Encounters: The FC Files [Complete 170-page book] (Fran Ridge)
UFOs, the AISS, and Air Force Interest After Blue Book (Fran Ridge)
The MADAR Project (Fran Ridge)
The UFO Sighting Wave Of 1965 (Fran Ridge/NCP)
MADAR 15 & The "WOW" Signal (Fran Ridge/NCP)
200 Miles Up: The Boys Upstairs (Fran Ridge/NCP)
Pandora's Box: What Have we Done? (Fran Ridge/NCP)
National Security Files, Missing Files, The Nuclear Key (Fran Ridge/NCP)
The Cuban Missile Crisis & UFOs (Fran Ridge/NCP)
A Project Is Born (Fran Ridge/NCP)

Mark Rodeghier
UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference (441 Cases) - Mark Rodeghier (CUFOS)
Where Are The Close Encounters [IUR Vol 30, No4] (Mark Rodeghier)

Brad Sparks
Comprehensive Catalog of 1,500 Project BLUE BOOK UFO Unknowns (Brad Sparks)

Michael Swords
What Does A Half-Century of Intense UFO Display Mean? - Michael Swords (IUR Fall 2001)Science amp; the ETH in UFOlogy - Michael Swords (JUFOS, 1989)
Project SIGN and the Estimate of the Situation - Michael Swords (JUFOS, 2000)

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